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Wildlife and Animal Volunteer

Wildlife and Animal Volunteer

Across the world, many of our animal and plant species are endangered; and the ecosystems and habitats on which they depend are under threat.

We have a number of volunteer projects working with animals that anyone with enthusiasm can get involved in - from lion breeding and release projects in Africa and turtle conservation in Costa Rica to Whale shark projects in Mozambique; working with rescued animals as an animal shelter volunteer, in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Zimbabwe, Peru or Vietnam and even projects where animals help others, such as equine therapy and eco farms. Take part in scientific research, environmental education and get unique hands on experience with a wide range of amazing animals.

Today, a quarter of all the world’s mammals are threatened with extinction in the not too distant future. The same future also awaits one in eight birds, one in five sharks, and one in three amphibians.This decline, for the most part, is caused by human activities. The land we use for living space, food, clothing, housing, fuel; the things we buy; and the waste we produce all contributes to the main causes of species loss.

Wildlife rehabilitation volunteers who take part in our vital conservation work get both a one-of-a-kind wildlife experience and make a contribution through their time, efforts and funds at the same time. You get far more than the typical safari experience, playing an active role in conservation.Animal experts are always very welcome and very needed, but you don’t need to have skills to volunteer in our wildlife projects. A genuine love of animals and an enthusiasm to help is all you need to make a vital contribution to the well-being and future of animals across the planet. We can help place you on the perfect project to match your skills and interests.

You can help protect some of the world’s most endangered species by joining one of our Wildlife projects today.

"I've learned a lot about how African society works and how we cannot rely on countries that struggle economically to do all the conservation work but privileged people like us volunteers need to help." - Thomas Hill, UK