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Build a Sustainable Home for Orphans in Belize

  • The Project

    By volunteering in Belize you will get involved in a home building project that uses traditional and sustainable building methods, such as sandbag walls and reed composting, you will be helping orphans who, without the help of this project, would be desperately trying to find somewhere to live. This is a self-sustainable community farm dedicated to the promotion of self reliance, harmonious living and above all, providing a safe, stable and healthy home for abused and orphaned children whom law dictates, must leave the orphan system at only16 years of age.

    This development project is bringing a sense of community to the children abandoned by the legal system, while immersing them in inspiring sustainability initiatives helping to preserve local resources enabling the community to be financially independent. Importantly, this farm aims to become a transition model to inspire other community building and sustainable farming initiatives throughout Belize. Additional initiatives currently being undertaken on this project including food security sustainable agricultural practices, and preserving biodiversity through land management. Volunteer in Belize and help to develop the futures of these vulnerable young adults.

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  • Why choose this project?

    Developmental volunteers benefit this building project because they provide extra support and man-power to help with the above practices, as well as initiatives taking place on the ground. The project is making slower progress than hoped so an injection of additional hands on deck will help it to meet its goals. As a volunteer on this project you will benefit by gaining a sense of perspective about your own life and possessions, and as well you will acquire an understanding of more traditional and eco-friendly approaches to building and farming.

  • Project Facts

    • Duration: 2-26 weeks
    • Cost: £1050 / $1838 for 2 weeks,
    £255 / $446 per each extra week
    • Requirements: Age 18+
    • Location: San Ignacio and Cayo District, Belize
    • Project activities: Building, maintenance, construction, tree planting, environmental assessments.
    • Working Hours: Monday-Friday 6-8h per day
    • Project availability: Project starts 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month.
    • Arrival day: Saturday

  • What is included

    • Accommodation: Single (subject to availability) or shared room in volunteer accommodation with access to a pool table and a bar
    • Food: 3 meals per day; light breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and a cooked evening meal. Volunteers take it in turns once a week preparing something from their own country
    • Airport pick up and drop off at Belize City International Airport
    • Training: Orientation and project induction provided
    • Support: 24 hour support
    • Excursion Planning: Staff can help to plan weekend activities (price will be extra). e.g. canoeing through jungle, caves, tubing, visit Mayan ruins, hiking and horse-riding.

  • What is not included

    • Flights
    • Insurance
    • Visas
    • Police/Government Background Check; US and UK citizens will be processed through Kaya (admin fee applies) all other nationalities must provide local police check.

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