Provide Support to Victims of Human Trafficking

  • The Project

    Volunteer on a Human Trafficking project in Chiang Mai, Thailand and help to provide better lives and futures for women who have little or no resources, and have been forced to work in the sex trade. This project centres on vulnerable communities that are prone to the human trafficking of young girls from minority groups, into the sex industry. The project works closely with both the local and international community to prevent child trafficking and provide services to those who are at risk of sexual abuse and sex trafficking. The project aims to educate the communities about the treatment of the women who are sold into the sex trade, as well as providing support for those registering on government schemes. The project also works to provide a shelter for rescued girls, and to educate various other vulnerable adults and girls. There are a number of girls living in the home at the moment, and the project works on a 2-pronged approach:

    • Educating those women who are attempting to sell their children by suggesting alternatives to them to generate an income.

    • Helping the girls who have been sold into the trade.

    The women and girls learn their own value and develop self-confidence. They are taught to see their situations in new ways, encouraged to solve their own problems, and strengthened to shape their own destinies. The shelter provides not only a safe place for the girls to live, but also an education and the skills and emotional knowledge to be able to live a normal, fear-free life.

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  • Why the project needs you

    The sex industry is a major issue within Thailand, with many forced to work either because of financial poverty or through physical or emotional pressure and even human trafficking. This community-based project helps women and girls in desperate situations move toward self-sufficiency, social development, education, business, English teaching and childcare are all areas that need attention. With so many areas to cover, volunteers are essential, especially those with knowledge and expertise to help these women and children develop and sustain a brighter future.

    Project Location

    The shelter is located in Mae Rim, a rural area approximately 40 minutes by bus from the centre of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is considered to be Thailand's second most important city and it is one of its largest. However, it is only a tenth of the size of Bangkok, with only an estimated 400,000 people living in the greater urban area of the city. Eighty percent of the local population is 'Khon Muang' (Northern folk). They speak a slightly different dialect to the central Thai language. There is plenty to do in Chiang Mai from visiting shops and markets, having a Thai massage, sitting in one of the lovely coffee shops or simply strolling around this attractive city.

    Chiang Mai, founded in 1296, is constructed as a square with a moat to mark its boundaries and safeguard the people within with a bastion at each corner. Today these landmarks remain to form the overwhelmingly unique character of the city.

    Agriculture, mainly fruit, vegetables and some rice cultivation, is the mainstay of the local economy. In the past 10 years, tourism has become an increasingly important economic growth point for the city. Other industries include cottage industry, handicraft production, exporting, small scale business and manufacturing.

  • Project Facts

    • Duration: 4 - 52 weeks
    • Cost: £1125 ($1969) for 4 weeks, £155 ($271) for weeks 5 - 25, and £130 ($228) for each week thereafter
    • Requirements: age 18+
    • Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
    • Project activities: Teaching English, skills workshops, helping to build new classrooms, assisting with an organic vegetable farm, helping with a sustainable livelihoods project
    • Working hours: Wednesday - Sunday, working with the girls is in the evening and at weekends and the community / project during the day.
    • Project Availability: All year round
    • Arrival day: Please speak to a Kaya advisor before booking flights

  • What is included

    • Accommodation: Shared room on-site
    • Food: 2 meals per day – Lunch and Dinner (there will be weekly shopping trips so you can buy breakfast items)
    • Airport pick up in Bangkok on a Friday (7a.m. - 10 p.m.)
    • Transfer from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by overnight bus on Saturday night
    • Training: pre-departure pack, orientation in Bangkok on Saturday
    • Support: 24-hour support from on-site coordinator
    • Free wi-fi (whilst on the project site)
    • Weekly cooking class
    • Excursions: staff will help plan excursions (some activities may cost extra)

  • What is not included

    • Flights
    • Insurance
    • Visas
    • Meals on Saturday evening and Sunday
    • Return from Chiang Mai to Bangkok on Sunday at the end of your project
    • Police background check: US and UK citizens processed through Kaya (admin fee applies) all other nationalities must provide local police check.

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