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Volunteer in a Children’s Centre in La Paz

  • The Project

    Volunteer in a Children’s Centre in Bolivia managed entirely by local families from a small community. Opened in 2004, the aim of the centre founders was to establish a community nursery near La Paz, where children could learn through play and creativity. Primarily providing a safe environment for up to 90 local children, including 25 aged 6 months to 4 years old, the centre also enables mothers to take up employment opportunities. The project is run by 10 locally trained women known to the children as “Tias”. Following the initial success of the Children’s centre, an after-school club has also been established for children aged 7-12 years. Children from impoverished backgrounds are able to attend a homework club and spend the last hour of the day enjoying creative time. The Children’s Centre near La Paz aims to provide a safe and happy integrated childcare program for the local community.

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  • Why choose this project?

    Volunteers bring enthusiasm, ideas, and an extra pair of hands to the Children’s Center, as it caters for so many kids. Your involvement benefits the project by enabling the Tias to run a wider range of activities for all of the children, which is great for their development and brings much joy to the children’s day. Those volunteers with experience in early childhood education or special education can help to develop the teaching skills of the Tias and other staff. This is an excellent project for anyone practicing in early childhood education or who would like to gain from experience working in an intercultural setting.

  • Project Facts

    • Duration: 4-12 weeks
    • Cost: £910/$1593 for 4 weeks, £1395/$2441 for 8 weeks. £1820/$3185 for 12 weeks
    • Requirements: Age 18+
    • Location: La Paz, Bolivia.
    • Project Activities: working within a school, preparing lunch, preparing activities and lessons, fundraising activities, maintaining the website
    • Working Hours :Monday-Friday (Flexible)
    • Project Availability: 1st, 3rd week of each month
    • Arrival day: Monday

  • What is included

    • Accommodation: shared room in a volunteer house (meals not included)
    • Airport pick up from El Alto or bus station in La Paz
    • Training: pre-departure information, Orientation and project induction provided
    • Support: 24 hour support
    • Excursion Planning: staff help organise weekend activities. (Activity price may be extra)

  • What is not included

    • Flights
    • Insurance
    • Visas
    • Food - A kitchen is provided and volunteers regularly cook or eat out together
    • Daily Transport to and from your project (25 mins walk)
    • Optional Spanish classes are available for individuals/groups
    • Police background check: US and UK citizens processed through Kaya (admin fee applies) all other nationalities must provide local police check.

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