2014 First Quarter achievements in Belize

Our marine conservation project in Belize focuses on reducing the number of Lion Fish found in the reef by spear fishing. Lion Fish aren’t native to Caribbean waters, but are now found there due to an aquarium flooding in Florida in the 90’s. Since then, it has diminished the juvenile fish population at an alarming rate.

Volunteers work hard on this project, alongside experts in the industry, to control the Lion Fish population. We are proud to announce that in the First Quarter of 2014, volunteers have removed 2340 Lion Fish from the reef!

From the 2340 removed, 200 have been dissected and the contents of their stomachs analysed. Shrimp turns out to be the most popular prey of the Lion Fish, followed by fish, crab and then mollusks.

This is important information will go towards regular findings, to inform and develop the hunting strategy and the conservation efforts in the whole area.

Well done guys and keep up the good work!

If you’d like to join the team in Belize, contribute to the future of the reef and gain your PADI certificate, click here to find out more.

Watch volunteers in Belize here!