Vietnam Intern Experience during Spring Coronavirus outbreak

Travel during the Coronavirus has been challenging for many around the world. But for two Kaya volunteers on the ground, we have been hearing about their positive Vietnam intern experiences working within communities during this outbreak.

Here we wanted to share with you stories from two of our interns, Georgia and Caterina. They had a wonderful Vietnam intern experiences during this Spring, despite Vietnam facing the challenges of being one of the first countries to tackle the spread of Covid-19, otherwise known as Coronavirus.

Georgina and Caterina are both on the Climate Change internship in Vietnam, and have had the privilege of their Vietnam intern experience falling across Vietnamese New Year.

During this period, Vietnam had identified a small number of infected travellers who had arrived in from China. They had put in place some early precautions, including closing some of the busier tourist attractions and asking companies to practise extensive cleaning and hygiene protocols.

Our Vietnam ground teams took all the recommended precautions and, as Georgina and Caterina proved with their Vietnam intern experience, you can still have an amazing time, and stay safe. 

They were able to experience the wonderful Vietnamese New Year festivities, known in Vietnam as “Tet”. They were thrilled that they were there for such a joyous occasion as Tet, and felt that Coronavirus has little impact upon their Vietnam intern experience.

“On Monday and Tuesday, my host company sprayed antiseptic around the workplace and cleaned carefully after that, which was great and made me feel safe here! They also gave me and Caterina – another intern some facial masks and [took] care of us very well. I really appreciate that!” – Georgina, intern in Vietnam. 

What about my placement?

Continuing with your volunteer placements could mean making a real difference to a project and community that rely on international volunteers for both aid and their economy. So whilst certain places are urging you not to travel there, there are plenty more that are urging you not to cancel your plans.

Be sure to check the World Health Organization, reputable news sources, and government websites for the most up to date travel restrictions

For example, our South African project team released the following statement:

“99% of our booked volunteers are currently continuing with their travel plans so they can provide important support and make a positive impact in the communities that we work in. Our programs will continue as normal, but should the situation change, we are offering flexibility to postpone to different dates or change to a different location. We are implementing strong health protocols to keep our participants and communities safe and healthy during this time and we hope you will still join us in making a positive impact and being part of the solution to the many challenges our communities face.”

If you have any queries, concerns, or questions get in contact with one of our travel advisors, be sure to check our daily updated blog, and read our official Coronavirus statement.

Hope you found this blog interesting. To hear more about the projects that we offer please connect with one of our advisors using the chat now button, or feel free to request a brochure using the button opposite.


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