A Look Into Lions

It’s World Animal Day and today we’re looking at ‘The King of the Jungle’ – Lions!

Volunteering with Lions:

Volunteering with lions has long been a contentious issue. There are major concerns over the practices which underpin seemingly legitimate projects. It can be tricky to find a project that you can be sure has the animal’s best interests.

As you will have read in our blog series this week, many animals are threatened by profit poachers. These illegal acts have led to hunting operations where the lions are captured and hunted by tourists. Initially it makes it difficult to release them into the wild.

Our Stance:

Here at Kaya we thoroughly investigate and research all the projects that we work with and our lion initiatives are no different. We are a trusted name in the industry and we hand pick the initiatives we work with. We are certain that they measure up to our standards, so you can have peace of mind when you volunteer with us.

Our Trusted Partners

In the 1950s 400,000 lions were believed to exist in Africa. However, today an estimated 32,000 remain. It is therefore vital that genuine conservation efforts continue to work to protect these big cats.

Working with leading conservationists to provide sustainable ways of rehabilitating and releasing lions into the wild or semi-wild locations. Our projects lead the way in advocating for, and educating others about lions, the threats they face.

Our projects make a positive difference and are saving the African lion from extinction.










If you would like to volunteer to help save the lion population in Africa, check out our projects in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Kenya and sign up today!