A Safer Way to Carry Your Money While Volunteering: Post Office Money Travel Card Plus

If you’re worried about carrying sums of money while volunteering, UK citizens might want consider getting a post office travel money card plus.

The card is a free way to carry your holiday money and can be used wherever you see the Master Card Acceptance Mark and be used to retrieve cash at ATMs.

Simply pre-load your card with anything from £50 – £5,000 before your trip, however, you can also top up your card and use it time and again. Friends and family can also top up your card in a Post Office branch.

The card is completely separate from your bank account, it is chip and pin enabled to guard against fraud and because it is pre-loaded you can only spend what is on your card. Additionally if your card is lost or stolen you can request a replacement card 24/7.

Pick up a card in one of the Post Office’s many branches around the UK.

Click here to watch a video the Post Office has prepared about the card.