Belize Marine Conservation – Destination Highlight

Take Advantage of New Lower Rates And Get Involved in Marine Conservation!

The Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest coral reef system in the world and the most ecologically diverse. If you want to get involved in marine conservation, we have a placement for you in the most natural setting! You will have the opportunity to dive while learning about the ocean habitat and helping protect an exceptional marine environment and its wildlife.

Your role as a volunteer is to assist with conservation surveys, data collection and lionfish removal/culling under the guidance of marine biologists and staff.

Whether you are an experienced diver, or a novice one, you won’t regret this exclusive experience to contribute conserving the marine environment while improving your diving skills.

Parts of the project focuses on eradicating the invasive lionfish currently threatening the sustainability of coral reefs and fisheries habitat throughout the Caribbean. During your placement, you will be spearing as many as you can, a practice often banned in most marine parks! After capture, the fish gets dissected to study their stomach contents for research purposes. During your dives, you also survey the Caribbean Spiny Lobster to gain a male to female ratios to ensure the continuity of a depleting population. You also monitor coral bleaching in the region and migration paths of the Queen Conch.

During your volunteer experience, you work in small diving teams with opportunities to do at least one night dive if you wish.

This volunteer opportunity is the perfect place to volunteer on an idyllic island in the Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve off the shores of Placencia. Read more and reserve your spot now!



two volunteers on a marine conservation project in belize
two volunteers on a marine conservation project in belize