Cape Town avert Day Zero

Cape Town officials have announced that the city has averted Day Zero, but what does this mean for tourists?

Many of those planning to visit Cape Town will undoubtedly be trying to keep up to date with the water crisis that the city is facing. We look at the current situation and what is in store for the future of Cape Town.


What is the current situation in Cape Town?

Many residents and tourists alike were pleased when Mmusi Maimane, opposition leader whose party runs the city, announced that “Day Zero will not occur in 2018”. But there are a couple of things to bear in mind. Firstly, residents and tourists are still restricted to using 50 litres of water a day (Have a look at our previous blog for some tips on how to restrict your water use!). Secondly, this heavily relies on rainfall over the winter, which is not guaranteed. If Cape Town dams cannot refill, no matter how little water is used it will sooner or later run out.


How has Cape Town averted Day Zero?

A couple of weeks ago the situation looked dire, taps were due to be turned off and residents were preparing to queue for hours for fresh water each day. So what’s changed? There have been many donations of water from farmers and the pressure in water pipes was purposely decreased to further limit water use. However, many are accusing the government of making this announcement to avoid losing more tourism and are concerned this could make the situation worse in the long run.


What is the bigger impact of this?

We all know (well most of us accept) that climate change is already affecting the planet and this is one of many indicators of what is to come. Even if Cape Town manages to avoid Day Zero this year it’s only a matter of time before we see this happening in other cities and countries across the globe. We all need to do more to try and slow down the effects of climate change and take better care of our world!



Although the water crisis brings extra considerations, our South Africa and Cape Town projects are still running as normal and are in need of volunteers!

You will be fully briefed and supported during your stay and visiting Cape Town at this time will give you a true insight into how much of the city, and the world, have always lived!