Celebrate Quito’s Foundation with Kaya!

Did you know that today, December 6th, is a celebration in Ecuador? Celebrate Quito’s history with us and signing up to volunteer or intern at one of our placements!

Today, the Quiteños (residents of Quito) are celebrating their Spanish history, remembering when the “conquistadores” founded the city with 204 settlers on December 6th, 1534!

Today will be filled with fun for the Quito residents and visitors with tradition wooden car races, Chiva parties, and “Cuarento” Quiteño tournament card games.

What a better way to help celebrate Ecuador’s history and use today to sign up or inquire about one of our projects? Whether you are interested in conservation, wildlife, fair trade, economic and community development, health, education or even just improving on your Spanish language, we have the placement for you in Ecuador!

Quito is the picturesque capital of Ecuador located in the middle of the Andes mountain. It’s a great place to explore the traditional Ecuadorian culture, traditional culinary dishes, and visit one of the least altered historical city of Latin America. Plus, it’s a great way to check off one of UNESCO world heritage site while making a difference!


Still not sure? Just call us at +44 161 870 6212 or + 1 413 517 0266 or chat with us online to get advice from one of our placement advisors.

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