Contribute to Global Good Health and Well-Being

Kaya health interns and volunteers tackle one of the major social issues of our time. Meanwhile, they gain international experience and engage in meaningful cultural immersion. So read on to learn how to get involved!

Kaya’s Health Placements Tackle Global Good Health and Well-Being

As we all know, Covid-19 has stretched health systems around the world to their limit. And positive global health outcomes in recent years could be stalled or reversed if action isn’t taken. But you can help!

Kaya’s health internships and volunteer programs have been in place for years. They are run by locals making real, tangible strides forward in sustainable development. As a Kaya intern or volunteer in the health field, you could focus on public health, nutrition, PT/OT, nursing, medical, mental health, social work and much more. ALL of Kaya’s health programs contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 3, Good Health and Well-Being for All, and are ethically and responsibly run. So you can rest assured that your experience abroad will matter to the local community and do no harm.

Below, browse three key examples of Kaya’s locally-led health placements. And remember, we offer programs in lots of locations.

Travel in 2021 - Public Health

Good Health and Well-Being in Ecuador

On Kaya’s Public Health placement in Ecuador, you can work towards good health and well-being for locals in rural, indigenous communities. What can you focus on? Well, you can engage in preventative care, community outreach, educational programs and more. And remember, it’s a locally-led and culturally integrated program. So you’ll learn as much as you contribute! (If you’re interested in learning about traditional plant-based medicine, let us know.) For this placement, we accept medical students as well as passionate, dedicated volunteers with a strong interest in the medical field.


I feel I made a difference by working in the gardens, screening children for malnutrition, and creating the garden expansion plan to help increase access to healthy, local, food. – Mckenna, Nutrition Internship

I’m loving my internship. I had the chance to speak with patients about their HIV status. I’ve always made clear that while I am not a medical professional, I can be someone they can talk to. It’s very rewarding and eye-opening. – Walter, Public Health in South Africa

Travel in 2021 - Social Work and Mental Health

Good Health and Well-Being in South Africa

On Kaya’s Social Work placement in South Africa, one of many health placements there, you can shadow a professional social work team. Engage in patient assessments, group therapy, home evaluations, and services for abuse victims and those with HIV/AIDS. This is an opportunity to gain hands-on experience as well as a cross-cultural perspective. And of course, South Africa is an amazing place to visit!

Travel in 2021 - Doctor

Good Health and Well-Being in Thailand

Kaya’s Medical Placement in Thailand is located at a District Hospital in Chiang Mai that serves diverse patients. The population includes remote mountain communities, minority hill tribe groups, and refugees and migrants. Here, you can gain an understanding of the challenges district hospitals in the region face as well as local approaches to healthcare. And you can shadow staff in the emergency department, obstetrics and gynecology or the pharmacy!

Travel in 2021 - Medical and Pharmacy

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