Costa Rica is Perfect for Under 18s and First Time Travelers

Costa Rica is becoming one of our most popular countries and its not hard to see why. Whats more, living and working alongside other volunteers your age means these projects are perfect for under 18s and first time travelers. In an area steeped in traditional Costa Rican culture, and activities to fill every spare second, Atenas is a great location to visit and make a difference.

But why Costa Rica?

Projects Specifically for Under 18s

Our four projects offer a choice of working in school, childcare centres, a coffee cooperative, or a turtle protection project. The projects support communities in and around Atenas and provide many with a low level of income. The communities also rely on drop-in nutrition centres where children can have a meal and nutritious snacks while their parents work. In elementary schools, there is often a lack of resources and extra classroom help is always welcomed. There is also a project to protect land turtles, which are often overlooked in favour of sea turtles. 


Safety is a concern for all travellers but especially for those travelling for the first time alone. While Central America sometimes gets a bad rap, Costa Rica is actually very safe. Atenas, where the projects are based, is small town with a tight knit community. This offers a safe environment for its residents and our volunteers. With airport pick-up and drop-off and 24-hour support onsite included in all four projects, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be well looked after.

Your Resume

Travelling and volunteering during your teenage years is a great way to help your resume stand out from the crowd. Throwing yourself in to new experiences and dealing with any bumps in the road shows future schools and employers the type of person you are. You will undoubtedly develop confidence, independence, and communication skills through volunteering abroad and these skills will help your resume to shine!

‘El Mejor Clima del Mundo’

Atenas claims the title of ‘The world’s best climate’ and they are so proud of it you will see it on the side of every bus in the area! Obviously, the almost guaranteed weather makes Atenas a great place to work and makes for some pretty epic weekend plans.


If you want to have the time of your life on one of our Costa Rica projects get in touch with one of our placement advisers today! They can also provide you with information on all of our Under 18s projects and find the best placement for you!