Earth Day Focus and Competition: Rainforest Protection

Welcome to the first instalment of our week-long competition in collaboration with Incognito Bug Spray to celebrate Earth Day 2017! Earth Day is on the 22nd of April (this Saturday!) and campaigns to build global a community fluent in concepts of climate change and its threat to our planet.

Today, we are looking at rainforest protection and how important it is to preserve the natural environment and the habitats of incredible species around the world.

The Amazon – the world’s largest rainforest area – has been listed by WWF as one of the top deforestation areas caused by commercial mining, road construction and illegal logging to name a few. Whilst deforestation is taking place in many countries across the world, in Peru alone, a staggering 1,100 square miles of it’s Amazonian rainforests is destroyed every year (that’s 532,400 football fields!). Greenpeace state that the Amazon, as a whole, is one of the world’s largest carbon stores on land. So the act of logging or burning down forests reduces the absorption of CO2 and emits carbon and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, speeding up climate change. WWF state that almost half of Peru’s greenhouse gas emissions are due to deforestation and degradation. Not to mention that these forests are home to some of the world’s most astonishing species of flora and fauna.

At Kaya we have a variety of volunteer projects focussed on preserving rainforest biodiversity. You can contribute to the preservation of the beautiful Peruvian rainforest on our environmental conservation project; if you are a student, you might even gain credits that to go toward your university degree by embarking on an environmental internship with Kaya, helping you enter a career in conservation.

Whilst you’re out there, we suggest you take with you some Incognito bug spray to keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay. It’s 100% natural and compact with its biodegradable formula clinically tested to provide 100% protection against Zika and malaria carrying mosquitoes. Incognito doesn’t use any pesticides or chemicals, unlike other insoluble environmental contaminants like DEET, it doesn’t pollute the world’s waterways, and kill aquatic wildlife. The water-based incognito anti-mosquito roll on is kinder on both your skin and the planet!

All incognito products are ethically manufactured and put the environment first, to ensure that while protecting you, they also protect the environment, using recycled or renewable source sugarcane plastic in its packaging AND donating 10% of profits to charity.


If you would like to be in with a daily chance of winning a sample for yourself, and be entered into the prize draw to win a hamper of incognito products worth £62, then all you need to do is comment below answering this question:

What steps (however small) do you take to reduce your environmental impact?

We will announce winners on Earth Day this Saturday! Good luck!

Look out for tomorrows post for another chance to win!

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