Earth Day Focus and Competition Summary

Happy Earth Day!

Welcome to the final instalment of our weeklong competition in collaboration with Incognito Bug Spray to celebrate Earth Day 2017! The day is finally upon us and we will be announcing the winners of our competition soon. We’d like to thank everyone who’s entered so far.

In this post, we’d like to tell you a little more about Earth Day itself, since it’s been the inspiration behind our daily blog posts and competition this week.  

Earth Day marks the day that the modern environmental movement was born. Before April 22, 1970, there was little to no education of the damages pollution were doing on the environment. Evidence of unregulated fossil fuel burning pollution can be seen on the black stained stone walls of buildings in towns and cities across the country. Earth Day was created to generate people’s awareness for the environment and give a voice to those who had an emerging conscious about the sustainability of the planet. Today, the Earth Day Network has become a global platform, educating people about responsibilities towards their environment and actions to be taken to save the planet.

With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day approaching – in the year 2020 – the Earth Day Network is aiming to galvanize a global collaboration. At Kaya, we think this is fantastic idea and we want to contribute as much as we can! And we want you to contribute with us! Indeed, through our projects, you can get in on the action by volunteering in Africa, Asia or Latin America. Our wide range of projects means that you can volunteer on projects focusing on conservation, community, health, business, art or education. All of which will help take care of our natural resources.

Just remember that every little step helps. For instance, we believe that Incognito Bug Spray is another product that is helping to work toward this global achievement. This is because it’s 100% natural and compact with its biodegradable formula clinically tested to provide 100% protection against Zika and malaria carrying mosquitoes. Incognito doesn’t use any pesticides or chemicals, unlike other insoluble environmental contaminants like DEET, it doesn’t pollute the world’s waterways, and kill aquatic wildlife. The water-based incognito anti-mosquito roll on is kinder on both your skin and the planet!

All incognito products are ethically manufactured and put the environment first, to ensure that while protecting you, they also protect the environment, using recycled or renewable source sugarcane plastic in its packaging AND donating 10% of profits to charity.


If you would like to be in with a final chance of winning a sample for yourself, and be entered into the prize draw to win a hamper of Incognito products worth £62, then all you need to do is comment below answering this question:

After reading about our blogs this week, what steps will you be taking to help preserve our planet moving forward?

We will announce winners tomorrow morning! Good luck!

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