Arya’s Thailand Experience

Arya V.
Volunteer Name:Arya V.
Project Attended: Elephant Welfare Project in Eastern Mahout Communities
Country Attended:Thailand
Volunteer Bio:I'm from England and I'm 16 years old and still studying in school. This was truly an amazing experience which has changed my life and perspective of the world.
What was your greatest achievement? Completing the trip on my own with a positive and open minded approach
What task on your project did you most enjoy? I loved every activity but my favourite was washing and walking the elephants to the river.
Did you feel you made a difference? I think now that I'm back home I will be able to make a real difference as I plan on educating my peers at school through an assembly and perhaps writing an article on the mistreatment of elephants in Thailand.
What advice would you give future participants? I would recommend doing the trip on your own as you make loads of international friends at the project but being in Bangkok on your own can be daunting and lonely. Also it's best to get involved in every activity because that way you get the most out of the trip.
Please tell others why you think they should sign up for a program with Kaya It's a life changing experience that will affect you in so many ways and make you more aware of the help these elephants need.


“Meeting the elephants for the first time and getting closer to them each day was truly a remarkable and unforgettable experience.”