Ella’s India Experience

Ella P.
Volunteer Name:Ella P.
Project Attended:Child Development Volunteering
Country Attended:India
Volunteer Bio:I'm from Wales in the UK, I'm 17 and a student
What task on your project did you most enjoy? Teaching the children and seeing them progress from knowing a very small amount of simple maths and English to an impressive amount!
What was your greatest achievement? Seeing the children learn and progress!
Do you feel you made a difference? Yes, I feel that I made such an impact on the children's lives
What advice would you give future participants? Expect to be upset by the things you see and prepare yourself for worst situation circumstances
Rating Given:


“Kaya was extremely helpful and organised and I 100% recommend booking a programme with them! Whatever you’re uncertain of they will help you with. I’m absolutely loving it here in India, the place, the people and the children especially. Really really don’t want to leave. I would like to thank Kaya for the most amazing experience!!”