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Heather’s Ecuador Experience

Heather P.
Volunteer Name:Heather P.
Project Attended:Veterinary Internship
Country Attended:Ecuador
What was your greatest achievement? How much I have grown emotionally.
What advice would you give future participants? Be prepared to be flexible and adaptable, take all the opportunities you can get and keep working at it.
What was your most memorable moment? Getting to handle animals such as Boa Constrictors, Ocelot and Squirrel Monkeys
Please tell others why you think they should sign up for a program with Kaya To gain real world, first hand experience of something so completely different to what you are normal able to ever even dream of doing.


“The completely hands on and front line aspects of the project meant that all the work I did made me feel like I was directly contributing, and that over the course of my month long stay at the project I made a real difference.”