Justin’s China Experience

Justin K.
Volunteer Name:Justin K.
Project Attended:Energy and Environmental Sustainability Internship
Country Attended:China


“With a scorching cup of coffee in one hand, I boarded a plane that would take me to an experience of a lifetime. My time in Chengdu went above and beyond all expectations that I had had. From day one, I was accepted into a group of people that would become family. A group of people that would guide me around the Sichuan province and show me all the beautiful things it has to offer.

Having worked all over the world, working alongside my colleagues in Chengdu was probably the most refreshing and valuable aspect of my internship. I have come to realize that the working culture is one that is unique to Chengdu alone. As opposed to looking purely at efficiency, I was taught that being in peace with oneself and to enjoy the moment came before efficiency. Along with laying a strong foundation with many big figures in the Chinese economy, the professional aspect of my Chengdu internship was definitely a fulfilling one.

My biggest regret is staying for the short time that I did. One month is simply not long enough to capture the essence and brilliance of Chengdu and all of its surroundings. Had I known before of all the wonderful people like Cassie Shu who would welcome me to Chengdu with open arms, a longer stay would have been a requisite. I will unquestionably head back one day. Back home now with a cup of tea in my hand, I can definitely reflect on how Chengdu has changed me as an individual and how it will continue to shape me throughout my life.”