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Stephen’s Philippines Experience

Stephen W.
Volunteer Name:Stephen W.
Project Attended:Building Project
Country Attended:Philippines
You were excited to get involved with the physical labour of the work and see the tangible effects, how did you find it? Fantastic, really happy about that. It was satisfying hard labour – really good. Very hard work but just what I was looking for.
Do you feel that the project works well to tackle some of the social challenges? Yes. It was satisfying getting to learn how children are selected for sponsorship and families chosen for the build a home project – getting to understand the mechanics of the system, meet the families and see that they need the help.
What was the best part of the project? I think that the experience of living with a family is very valid and helps with an understanding of the context of the society – the families and the children and the challenges they face. So I would say that was one of the best parts, 50% of it being the building and 50% being the homestay experience.
Would you do it again? Yes, It has motivated me to do more and focus on where I want to make a difference.


“It’s good that there’s age diversity in the participants. The communities seem very supportive. I really like the fact that families in the community get an income through the homestays. It’s been excellent!”