Thomas’ Peru Experience

Thomas B.
Volunteer Name:Thomas B.
Project Attended:Healthy Kitchens Volunteering
Country Attended:Peru
Volunteer Bio:Born and raised in a college town of the Midwest of the United States. I study Geography and work at a vegetarian cafe and juice bar. I practice gratitude and other forms of meditation.
What task on your project did you most enjoy? Building shelves.
What was your greatest achievement? Completing a whole mud wall in a single day, with only one other person...and the mud and water were ice cold (literally!)
Do you feel you made a difference? Yes I've made a difference - however I think my money that went towards water filters, supplies, etc made more of a difference than my hands-on labor.
What advice would you give future participants? Come prepared with antibiotics and immodium. Also, condition your back in advanced for heavy lifting, if at all possible. Shovelling mud is not easy.
What was your most memorable moment? Eating a feast with Tina after our last day of work. Our friend (and recipient of our labor) Juliana cooked us potatoes, onions, herbs, beans, corn, tea, and even some fried fish! It was all delicious.
Rating Given:


“If you want to see the world, and be involved in helping people wherever you end up going, Kaya is a great way to do that. Kaya programs allow you to see the beauty of the developing world and its anthropological riches, as well as participate directly in service with the local people.”