Fabulous Feedback from our Local Team in Swaziland!

Sheena Christensen is currently participating on our Nutrition Internship in Swaziland. She’s certainly been very busy, involving herself in a wide range of projects during her interning abroad experience. Here’s what the team on the ground have said about her hard work during her time on the project to give you an idea on what you might be able to get involved in yourself!

Sheena is doing well and settling very well. She is really helpful and coming up with great new ideas on the nutrition project.

These are the projects she has taken on so far:

  • Sheena has helped design the pilot study with a nutrition program in Africa to determine if the program is an effective way to encourage proper growth and development in young children. She has helped to make sure that this study is scientifically valid, reducing  all potential errors and suggesting improvements.
  • Sheena has developed a survey for the Neighbourhood Care Points (NCP’s)
  • She has created a study plan to motivate local children to brush their teeth.
  • She has produced a study plan that showcases how Christmas is celebrated in different countries around the world, focusing on the home countries of other volunteers.
  • She has measured the children’s growth in line with the World Heath Organisation guidelines.   
  • She’s paid visits to local NGOs and clinics to hear how they solved their nutrition issues.
  • She’s read research on materials received by the Project leaders as well as previous university studies on the Neighbourhood Care Points.
  • Sheena has also participated in community activities such as the homework club, but she prefers to focus on how she can contribute to the nutrition and funding side of the project.
  • She is also working on creating ideas to raise more funds. She published a link to her LinkedIn profile, and wrote a little story connected to it, hoping to get more funds for the team on the ground. She also sent one of her contacts, who works as a marketing manager, a message to see if the company wants to send their old office materials to the children for homework club – how thoughtful!
If you would like to work on similar tasks while possibly earning credits towards your degree, then take a look at our wide range of internship options. You can also speak to a placement advisor by requesting a call back or more information!