Gilman Scholarship is Open to Applications!

If you are a US student interested in virtual or in-person credit-bearing internships abroad in 2021, then you should check out the Gilman Scholarship (here)! The study abroad scholarship is now open to applicants. And you can be awarded up to $5k to participate in programs at any Kaya destination. And there is another extra $3k for those looking to learn critical need languages such as Arabic, Mandarin, Swahili or Hindi.

Why apply for a Virtual Study Abroad Scholarship?

A virtual study abroad scholarship is the perfect way to fund an internship that does not only give a great boost to your resume but also provides you with the chance to work for a reputable organization and learn more about a different culture and its work environment.

How can Kaya help me?

Kaya Responsible Travel offers a variety of in-person and virtual internships around the world. In all locations, you get to immerse yourself in the local culture and work with international teams on meaningful projects. Our virtual internships in Ecuador, Morocco, Thailand, South Africa and Vietnam were launched in Summer 2020 and they have been a great success! Read about our summer virtual intern experiences here to hear what they had to say here!

Our popular in-person internships are available in 32 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America. And in-person internships will reopen some time in Spring 2021 to be ready for your participation next summer!

Our interns have participated in many exciting placements, using skills from many academic areas, over the last few years. These include Animal Sciences And Wildlife, Business Media And Communication, Computer Science and IT Communication, Creative Arts, Education, Engineering, Environmental Science And Conservation, Health and Well Being, International Development And Sustainability Kinesiology Physical Therapy And Sports Development, Social And Behavioral Science And Culture, Sustainable Agriculture And Food Security.

Additionally, if you are interested in languages and would like to aim for the additional critical language grant, you could use the Gilman Scholarship to fund a virtual internship with our fantastic Morocco team. During this virtual internship, you can take 2 or 4 hours of Arabic lessons alongside your placement each week. And then, follow this with an in-person placement once travel resumes and when you are ready to apply your skills in the live environment. This is what some of our interns have said about their placements in Morocco: 

‘“The non-profit has been such a wonderful experience and I hope to be able to visit them when able”

“This programme fits me wonderfully; I am doing work that pertains to where I want to go in the future… I have been able to observe specifically how things are going to benefit the girls involved in the programmes.”

“Make sure you actually want to get to know your country’s culture and the people you are working with! If you come into it only looking for work experience and forget that it takes engaging with people, it would be really hard to get anything out of it. Wanting to get to know Morocco and the organization I am with has made this a super enjoyable experience so far!”

Of course, we recognize that part of the fun of an internship abroad is actually the fact of being abroad and learning new things first-hand through the local eyes. Therefore, if you apply for the virtual study abroad through Kaya, alongside your remote internship placement you will also get to learn about the local culture. Indeed, weekly, you will take part in cultural workshops talking about local cultures, customs and traditions. We also organize chats with a local buddy every week to allow you to connect with someone your own age. Our local teams are passionate about sharing the knowledge of their culture with all participants and make these workshops fun and interactive. This additional component of our programs should help your Gilman Scholarship application!

Morocco Project Director –  “When you hear Arabic or an Arabic word, what comes to mind? What impressions do you have about the people, the places, etc..?”

Intern – “I think it as a language which has a lot of culture behind it, so as you learn the language, you also have to learn about the culture…I have learned a language that is character-based and it’s way easier than a lot of people think.”

Please feel free to have a sneak peek of the culture sessions you are entitled to as an intern with us:

The Gilman Scholarship cover for placements being held between January 1st and December 31st 2021, and the deadline for the application is October 6th 2020, so make sure to apply soon to make sure you don’t want to miss on this incredible opportunity! 

Hope you found this blog interesting. To hear more about how Kaya can help you once you get your Gilman Scholarship approved, please connect with one of our advisors using the chat now button, or feel free to request a brochure using the button opposite.


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Gilman Scholarship is Open to Applications!

If you are a US student interested in virtual or in-person credit-bearing internships abroad in 2021, then you should check out the Gilman Scholarship (here)! The study abroad scholarship is now open to applicants. And you can be awarded up to $5k to participate in...

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