How to be a Responsible Traveller: Kaya Tip 10: Five Ways to Stay Healthy Abroad

With many people having made new year’s resolutions to stay healthy and happy, we think it’s the perfect time to introduce our 10th Kaya top tip: how to stay healthy whilst travelling. Here are our top five most important things to considering regarding your health whilst you are on your travels.

  1. Slip, Slop, Slap – First you need to make sure that you are protecting yourself against the sun, and as the Australian government warning ad suggests – Slip on a shirt, Slop on the 30+ sunscreen, Slap on a hat. Heatstroke and sunburn can make you really sick, so don’t risk your health for the sake of a tan. Some of our destinations can get really hot, and if you are doing outdoor work you have to be even more careful. Don’t be tricked by cloudy skies – you can still get burned on a grey day.
  1. Avoiding Dehi Belly: Whenever you travel abroad, there is always the risk of contracting ‘Travellers Diarrhoea’. Sometimes the change in environment or different types of food are enough to upset your belly a little, but there are some things you can do to avoid more severe stomach issues. One easy tip is to make sure you wash your hands every time you eat. If there is no clean water available, bring along some hand sanitizer, or wet wipes containing alcohol. Also avoid ice in your drinks, if you are not sure that the ice is made from purified water. This is one of the most common mistakes travellers make!  Bad bacteria that cause travellers diarrhoea can be found in uncooked meats and seafood, unpasteurized milk and cheese and in water that hasn’t been purified. Washing your fruit and veg in purified water is a good idea, and the consumption of probiotics is a good way to increase the level of good bacteria in your gut that will help flush out any foreign bacteria you ingest.
  1. Stay Hydrated. It’s no secret that drinking plenty of water is key to keeping healthy, especially when you are working in a hot climate or your project is located in a high level altitude. When travelling, it is best to drink only purified water. This is not just bottled water that you can buy, but also water that has been boiled or treated with water purification tablets. While your Kaya placements make sure you have access to clean water, water purification tablets are a great “first-aid” extra if you are travelling around and are not sure about your water source. Take a water-bottle with you, so you can top up easily.
  1. Get moving, After a long flight, you will want to keep fit and healthy, and with so much to see, you can do this just by walking or cycling to places. Not only does this keep you active, and lets you enjoy the sights, but also you will be travelling in the most sustainable way possible!
  1. Get good medical insurance. Whether at home or abroad, accidents can always happen, and your body can always develop a sudden unexpected issue. To make sure that you get the best possible care abroad, make sure that you have good travel medical insurance – and then you will be less worried about seeking help. For Kaya programs, this is mandatory, but make sure you are covered for any additional travel, and in countries that you are transiting through. Getting checked out for something minor can avoid bigger problems later, as well.

For other great tips on staying healthy abroad feel free to request a call back from one of our placement advisors.