Independent travel with a difference after medical volunteering abroad with Kaya!

After completing 2 weeks as a medical volunteer abroad Kaya’s Projects Director Jackie took time for independent travel and ended up at the launch of an exciting new TV show at Happy Hippo, a funky urban backpackers in Durban! Eat, Street, Africa is going to feature 13 cities in Africa and introduce local food, music and cultural to African and International audiences celebrating the similarities and differences in the region to attract regional and international visitors. At Kaya we know that each destination in Africa has plenty to offer and it is exciting to see the cultural offerings being highlighted. The programme is going to be hosted by two South African celebrities, Holly who sings in both English and Zulu, and Beach Body, a leading local comedian.  The app is due to launch in early 2017 and the show begins later in 2016.
“It was so random to be there but it was a fun evening and great to feel the excitement that this show is generating in the region. I think it will be really useful for Kaya’s participants volunteering abroad or on their gap year to be able to refer to the app and watch the show, as they will be able to learn more about their destination before travelling. And food is such a huge part of the travel experience for many, me included!”
Jackie Wall

Projects Director, Kaya Responsible Travel

Independent travel following a volunteering abroad placement can be varied and many of the experiences are random and totally unexpected. Of course new places are discovered, new friends encountered and any volunteer is sure to gain more confidence as an international traveller. It certainly brought a different element to the independent travel section of Jackie’s trip. Why don’t you add on extra time following booking your placement with Kaya and discover a world of new adventures?