International Education Week Idea’s

Its #InternationalEducationWeek and the Kaya team are here to show you how you can get involved!

Whether it’s a study and service program, an internship or even one of our fantastic volunteer abroad opportunities, you can study, learn and exchange experiences on one of our many international programs! Not to mention that you can learn the local lingo on one of our language courses and give yourself a head start when it comes to global communication skills.

You may not know this, but we’re living in an economy that is growing on a global scale! This means familiarity with other cultures and understanding modern foreign language are important skills to have in this day and age. And what better way to develop these skills, plus many more, other than joining a Kaya program?

Study and Service

Service Learning group Uni of Missouri Peru International Education WeekTake classes and participate in a traditional educational setting on a Kaya study and service program and gain transfer credits that will go towards your university course. By signing up with Kaya, you could spend a semester abroad in Peru, Thailand or Vietnam and we would help to arrange credit transfer with your home university. Not only will you study abroad, but with our service learning component, you can volunteer after classes have finished and put your skills into practise!



Volunteer in action Agriculture Internship Vietnam International Education WeekMake a real difference within local communities and the environment when you take part in a Kaya internship! We have plenty of internships that are scattered all around the world in places such as Tanzania, Thailand, South Africa, China and more. International Education Week is a perfect opportunity to take the plunge and spend 4 weeks (or longer if you want) gaining hands on experience in your chosen field of study. We’ll even make sure your internship fulfils credit hour requirements that can go towards your studies at home!


Volunteer Abroad

Bea and Lucy the cement mixers International Education WeekOur volunteer abroad programs will also provide you with an amazing learning experience. No matter what project you volunteer on, whether its community development, wildlife conservation or education for example, you’ll come away with new knowledge from an international perspective!

Although it’s just one week, the Kaya team love to celebrate the benefits of international education all year round. To find out more information on how you can make the most of International education week with kaya, chat to one of our placement advisors by requesting a call back or more information today!