The Magic of Spring in South Africa

We’re now moving into October (how fast has this year gone?), which means spring is in full bloom in South Africa! If you are yet to visit South Africa, then there’s no better time to visit this magnificent country. The air is filled with the sweet scent of blooming wild flowers and the weather starts to get warmer, which calls for plenty of fun outdoors’ activities!

Spring also means it’s time for whale season and birthing season across South Africa. You’ll be able to see nature at its finest during this season, but if you want to make the most of spring in South Africa then a Kaya project will help you do just that. Rather than just observing new wildlife, you can get involved with on going efforts to protect these animals instead.

Whale Season

Spring in Africa is a magical experience. It’s the time of year where whales often have their young calves swimming beside them as they make their way across South Africa’s coastline. There are plenty of opportunities up and down the country to get a glimpse of these new happy families in the ocean. Cape Town is a great location to embark on whale watching expedition, alongside the coast of the Western Cape, and it’s also where some of our projects are based. Our Community Sports Coaching Volunteering project is based in Cape Town, along with our Equine Therapy for Disabled Children and our Community Teaching projects. Taking the opportunity to volunteer abroad on these projects in October means you might get the chance to see first hand these beautiful mammals splash around in the waters with their new born calves as you will have plenty of free time to head down to the coast.

Birthing Season

Spring is widely known as the season of new life. The Greater Kruger Region is no stranger to rebirth since it is South Africa’s premier wildlife destination. With over twenty private reserves, the Greater Kruger Region is home to the famous Big 5: lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard, plus other magnificent animals. At Kaya, there are a few projects to choose from that are based in this area. Our Rhino, Elephant and big Cat Research and Conservation project is based in Kruger, along with our Wildlife Research in a Game Reserve project (a great option for families) and Photography and Conservation project.

If baby animals, whale watching, and new wildflowers aren’t enough, spring is also a perfect time to relax on the beach or go for a hike. There’s still time to book onto our projects based in South Africa if you want to experience whale season and birthing season for yourself. Take the time to chat to one of our placement advisors by requesting a call back or more information about a project you’re interested in to make sure Kaya find the perfect South African spring adventure for you.