Moving forward in the Philippines

In the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, the team have been working hard on the ground to attend to the immediate needs of the community of Tacloban that were affected by the typhoon; whether they lost homes, family members, employment or require medical attention.

Working with the community, volunteers are slowly making progress in clearing the debris, finding temporary shelter for families and distributing food aid.

However, looking towards the future of Tacloban and knowing that are many years of work ahead, Kaya are taking a long-term approach and developing more structured programs for volunteers. These projects will address each issue with a focused approach, making sure we are creating lasting solutions for the community.

The projects are;

*Nutrition – A preventative program developed to provide supplementary feeding before infants develop severe cases of malnutrition.
*Building – We aim to build long term sustainable accommodation for the many families that are staying in substandard makeshift accommodation or refuge centers.
*Medical – Qualified or training healthcare staff are needed to assist in small underfunded clinics that are currently the only source of free healthcare in rural areas outside of Tacloban.
*Community Work – A variety of tasks takes place in community centres, from distributing supplementary relief acquisition, implementing local li projects for mothers, coordinating empowerment and skills development projects and more.
*Media – We welcome volunteers who can use their talents in media and photography to capture the struggles and success of the rebuilding process and share them with the world, generating more donations.

If you feel that you have the right motivation and skills to help us rebuild the lives of those affected by Typhoon Haiyan, we’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget, you can still donate by following this link, all the money goes towards materials and the running of projects.