New Project in Quito

Quito has long been one of our favorite destinations which is why we are so excited to tell you about our newest project.

Working with victims of sex trafficking in Ecuador, this project aims to offer a safe environment to the girls who have been rescued. Once the girls have settled, the project and its volunteers work to provide them with education and the legal support they need.

Volunteers are desperately needed for this project to support the girls in every area of their recovery. If you have an interest in social work, women’s empowerment, and human rights, this project is a wonderful choice for you. Depending on your skill set you could help with administrative tasks, fundraising, teaching sessions, social work, creative art workshops, and many other activities in this rewarding environment.

All of this work takes place with the incredible backdrop of Quito. With its historical significance and relaxed atmosphere, the world’s second highest city should definitely be at the top of your travel list!


Check out the project in full here or get in touch with one of our placement advisers today here!


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