New Year, New You! Make Time for Travel in 2013.

It’s January and yes, the time is ripe for making New Year’s resolutions.

I personally like the idea of a new start for a new year, it is the perfect time to evaluate and make plans. I take issue with most of the generic resolutions though (exercise more, eat more fruit, stop hitting the snooze button 16 times every morning and only leaving 3 minutes to get ready for work etc. etc.), mostly because I make most of them every Monday, and hardly anyone ever sticks to them. You’ll see proof of this if you go to a gym, in January you’ll have to queue for a treadmill for 20 minutes, by February you’ll be working out in a ghost town.

So, in 2008 I made the only New Year’s resolution I have ever stuck to. I was in Sydney, Australia on New Year’s Eve and as I watched the fireworks over Sydney Harbour (which were completely magical by the way), I decided that from that point onwards, I would spend every NYE in a different place. Travel is one thing I am truly passionate about so it makes a lot of sense for me, plus it means that I always have a great NYE, which is an improvement on the usual whole lot of expectation, ultimately leading to a pretty ordinary night.

This year, I have added an extra clause to my favourite resolution. The new and improved version now reads ‘I will spend every New Year in a different place, and do something worthwhile with the time I spend there.’ Worthwhile is a fairly vague term I’ll admit, but it encompasses everything from learning a new language to volunteering in an orphanage in the third world – I basically mean anything aside from simply having a jolly good party on New Year’s Eve.

So if you’re yet to come up with your resolution for 2013 or, like me, you’ve already ditched a few you did make by reaching for the leftover Christmas chocolates and losing your gym membership card, join me and make a resolution you’ll not only stick to, but that you’ll also enjoy!

Resolve to see more of the world this year. Book that trip you’ve been putting off. If you’ve dreamt of walking with lions, or learning to dive, or learning a foreign language and a different culture, or building a house for a family that really needs one, resolve to do it in 2013. When it comes to the beginning of 2014 and you’re having that conversation where everyone says ‘I never stick to my resolutions’, you’ll be able to smugly say ‘I made one last year and stuck to it… and it was brilliant’. I promise it’ll be worth it!

Linda – Kaya Placement Advisor