Kaya Responsible Travel: Top Eco-Travelling Enthusiasts of 2017!


Kaya Responsible travel has been selected as one of the Top Eco-Travelling enthusiast of 2017 in the ‘Sustainable Voluntourism’ category. How Fantastic!

In this day and age, we believe it is becoming more important for volunteers to be as green as they can be. For instance, we provide access to drinkable water and encourage our volunteers to take a refillable water bottle with them on their projects in order to leave as little carbon footprint as possible.

We have eco friendly accommodation for our volunteers; an example of this would be on our environmental and community projects based in Borneo where our volunteers stay in an eco camp. Whereas in Namibia, our volunteers on our Elephant & Community Water Access Project camp out in the bush, using only natural resources.

Not to mention that in Peru, we offer a wide range of environmental conservation projects, some of which are based in the beautiful Peruvian rainforests. In South Africa and Zambia we offer reforestation programmes, working with the local communities to help preserve the natural environment and wildlife habitats.  

These are just a small selection of projects and the accommodation provided by Kaya Responsible Travel. By volunteering with Kaya, you can become more of a sustainable traveller and help preserve our environment for the future generations!

For more information on our great projects, click here. Otherwise, speak to one of our placement advisors today.