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Welcome, University of Notre Dame Students!

Kaya Responsible Travel has worked in partnership with the Kellogg Institute for International Studies since 2015 to support Notre Dame students in their mission to promote research, provide educational opportunities, and link with programs promoting democracy and human development on the following programs:

  • Kellogg Summer Entrepreneurial Internship

  • Experiencing the World Fellowships

Our team of placement advisors works individually with every Notre Dame student to help identify and customize their placements in line with the UND program you are hoping to be accepted into.

At Kaya, we offer a wide range of internships, placements and research opportunities in many different sectors and countries, and we are able to tailor the internship experience based on your resume, academic goals, and specific interests. With more than 250 placements in over 30 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, we can be sure to find the right placement for you.

Kaya is a leader in the field of ethical community engagement and student support, and we are honored to be recognized by UND as a valued partner in these programs.

Where do I start?

Some students come to us with an established idea of the type of work they want to be involved with or the location where they would like to work. Others are looking for ideas to help direct their plans.

You can get a sense of what types of programs are available by browsing our website by location or by project type related to your interests.

After your initial consideration, we would like to set up a call with you to discuss your ideas and suggest ideal opportunities. To help us prepare for this call, it is useful for us to receive your resume and a brief motivation letter specifying your relevant experiences in the field of interest, your motivation for the internship and what you hope to gain from your program.

On a Skype or telephone call, we can then talk through your ideas and present you with possibilities that could offer you the internship experience you are after. Many of our placements can be customized to the skills and interests you bring with you – so even if you don’t see the exact placement you are looking for, it is still worth speaking to our team!

Once you have selected your program, we can provide you support in your application to the Kellogg’s program you are applying for – providing you the details that you need to write your submissions and secure your placement. Connect with a Kaya placement advisor using the form below.

First-time travelers?

Are you a first-time traveler who has not yet had the opportunity to visit a culturally different international environment? Are you looking for a more supported destination with a cohort of fellow students? Then we can also help.

Together with the Kellogg’s team we have developed a special program with set start dates in the following locations;

Cape Town, South Africa:

Project options include:

  • Gender Equality
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Hospital and Healthcare
  • Social Work and Youth Development
  • Anti-Human Trafficking and Human Rights.


Moshi, Tanzania

Project options include:

  • Gender Equality
  • International Development
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Ready to get started?
Connect with our advisors now.

At these locations, you may select your placement from a number of different initiatives, while exploring the region and living with fellow students. In both Cape Town and Moshi, Kaya’s local teams will be there to support you every step of the way! Find out more about Kaya’s projects and also UND first-timer placements using the form below: