Placement Advisor position in Ecuador

If you are interested in joining the Kaya team we have a new 6-month, entry-level position open in our Ecuador office.

Basic Specification

Degree: Graduates from any degree subject considered.

Experience: Ideally will have previously participated in a volunteering project domestically or abroad and have previously travelled to a developing location.

Other: confidence and enthusiasm a vital requirement for speaking to individuals and groups at fairs and presentations. A passion for travel and an interest in new cultures, environments and people a must. A basic Spanish level will be useful for living in Ecuador.

Nature of Position – Placement Advisor / Internship

Length of Placement/Internship – 6 months (with the potential to extend)

What are we looking for?
We’re a small, friendly, multi-location team who all share a passion for travel and volunteering. We’re looking for individuals who share this passion and would like to use it to inspire others to volunteer and make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. To achieve this it’s very important that you have lots of enthusiasm excellent communication skills, both written and orally.

Since we’re a small team, every team member’s contribution is vital and valuable to us. New ideas for improvement are welcomed and encouraged from all team members so if you’re creative and enjoy problem-solving, this is definitely a plus.

You will be responsible for managing your own leads, which requires good organisational skills and attention to detail.

Job Description

The role of Placement Advisor is primarily a sales role, assisting enquiries in finding the right program for their needs. We’re not a “hard sell” organisation, although we do have monthly targets for our team. Our main sales strategy is to use our passion for volunteering, development and travel to inspire others, to convey our knowledge of our projects and our stance on ethical issues in the field, and to offer excellent customer service.

Because the main focus of the role is on sales, much of your day will be spent answering email, telephone and live chat enquiries. You will be fully responsible for your own leads, this means following up with leads who have gone quiet, communicating with our partner organisations around the world, and also handling all of the administration of your own leads. Sometimes you may have to cover another team member’s leads so it’s important that you can work well in a multi-locational team and also individually.

As well as sales, you will also be responsible for overseeing your leads placements right until they return home. This involves working in conjunction with our Placement Administrator to make sure volunteers have submitted all of the correct paperwork before they arrive, overseeing communications with them whilst they’re on the project and dealing with any complaints they might have, and reviewing feedback when they return to see if they would make a good “Case Study” to put on our website.

Primary Responsibilities

The job role will involve training in the following fields

  • Sales: advising enquiries on placements available and enabling applications
  • Customer Relations: Managing problems that occur prior to departure and during placements, liaising with sign-ups in preparation for departure, learning and working with CRM systems
  • Product development: developing materials to help with sales such as documents about specific locations or project types, liaising with in-country teams to develop customized projects for volunteers and interns with specific skills or requirements
  • International relations with partner organisations and providers: Developing relationships with in-country teams to confirm logistical arrangements for volunteers
  • Social Networking: Looking out for content that can be used by the marketing team on Social Media
  • Public Relations. Writing articles, case studies and building opportunities for promotion and public relations
  • Administration: Managing the administration of personal sales. Documenting and managing information across a multi-location team

Remuneration – You will be provided with a Stipend, return flights to Ecuador from your home location, Travel Medical coverage, a 6-month visa. Our local team will assist you in finding accommodation, with the option of a Kaya homestay while you look for a place you like.

Start Date – August/September

Hours of Work – Full time 40h pw

How to apply

Send your CV and cover letter by email to:
Mira Moore – Placement Team Manager

We are looking for someone to start soon, so applications will be reviewed until August 8th 2016