Sony Blogger Visits Kaya’s Sri Lanka Turtle Project

We are pleased to announce that the winner of our Sony competition, Sabbir Siddat, is back from his trip to Sri Lanka and Sony Blogger, Christoffer Collin, has published some fantastic pictures of his experience via his Instagram account.  He’s tagged Kaya in each photo so you’ll know which ones are from his trip.

Sabbir spent time volunteering on our Turtle Conservation project whilst in Sri Lanka, helping a local team to protect five endangered species of turtle which are under threat from locals, tourist and export demands. Christoffer went with him to document his adventure. To read more about Sabbir’s experience, read his testimonial

If you would like to follow in Sabbir and Christoffer’s footsteps then don’t hesitate to speak to one of our placement advisors who will be sure to fill you in with more information on this great project – click here to request a call back or click here to request more information!