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Book Now on either of the below placements and get a free 3-day safari!

If you book yourself on either our Equine Therapy in Cape Town or Children Recovery in Cape Town Hospital, you will get a 3-day safari free of charge!
This offer applies to all new bookings only arriving volunteers from 01 March – 01 June.

If you are interested, please contact us directly and our placement advisor will be happy to assist you in signing up for the discount

£150/$260 discount when booking 2 programs:

If one person books more than one program at the same time, you will receive money off each individual placement you choose. Book 2 programs and get £150/$260 off the total, book 3 and get £300/$520 off!! Placements must be booked and paid for at the same time, but do not necessarily need to be back-to-back. 

5% discount for returning participants

Once you have completed one Kaya program and provided us a case study of your experience, you can enjoy 5% discount on all your future bookings with Kaya.

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