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Study Abroad in Latin America

Study abroad in Latin America and experience Ecuador to the fullest! Kaya’s program combines a semester of study at the Universidad de Cuenca with an immersive internship rooted in local community engagement, a homestay, and a Spanish language course! This is the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in Latin American studies!

Study Abroad at the University of Cuenca

Study Abroad in Latin America, With a Twist!

At Kaya, you can study abroad in Latin America while completing an immersive internship at the same time. Our Latin American Studies Track combines classes in English with a Spanish Language course appropriate to your level. Moreover, the program also includes a homestay, an integrated internship, and cultural excursions!

Get to know Ecuadorian culture and Latin America, immerse yourself in the Spanish language, get to know locals on a deeper level, and experience local food, music, traditions and more!

So why not choose Cuenca?

Study Abroad in Latin America and Learn or Progress Your Spanish

While studying abroad, you’ll live and learn in charming Cuenca. Located in the highlands, Cuenca sits perched 8,500 feet above sea level. Cuenca is a picturesque city full of culture and history, and recognized for its architecture, climate, and people. You’ll make memories of a lifetime exploring winding cobblestone streets, museums and ducking into shops!

At the local university, you’ll earn up to 12 credits and take three Latin American Studies courses offered in English. Specifically: History of Ecuador and Latin America, Natural Heritage of Ecuador, and Cultural Heritage of Ecuador. Additionally, you’ll also have the chance to complete a Spanish Language course appropriate to your level. As a result, you’ll get even more out of your time abroad!

Learn Spanish in Cuenca

Study Abroad in Latin America – and Intern, too!

Get to know local communities on a deeper level with a community-based internship. You’ll venture into Cuenca twice a week and make progress on a project that works for you. Specifically, your options range from working with children with learning disabilities to working with elders, although we offer a variety of internships. Because all of our projects are responsible and community-led, you can be sure that your hard work will make a difference. Truly, your internship will allow you to engage with locals on a deeper level than you would otherwise!

Once you apply or inquire on our website, our Placement Advisors can talk through your interests, career goals, experience level, etc., so we can match you appropriately. You may be able to receive credit for your internship abroad, so be sure to speak to your university as well as a Kaya Placement Advisor about that. We can help you with that process too!

Get to Know Locals in Latin America

Study Abroad in Latin America on the Environmental Science Track – and Explore the Amazon!

But what if want to study abroad in Latin America and focus on biodiversity and conservation? Well, check out our Environmental Science and Conservation Track! On this program, you can study abroad in Cuenca and then adventure into the Amazon for an immersive one-month internship. And, choose to focus on veterinary science, conservation or a related field!

Study Abroad in Environmental Science

Let us know how we can help you plan your experience abroad! Connect with one of our Placement Advisors by using the chat now feature. Also, feel free to request a brochure using the button opposite.


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