The Kaya team wishes you a Happy………

And while many more people around the world join in New year celebrations on the 31st (following the 12 month Gregorian calendar), there are also a few of our Kaya countries that celebrate later in the year (following lunar, solar and other calendars!).

Chinese New Year is at the end of January or the start of February (January 28th in 2017) – which means we are still in the year of the Red Fire monkey for another month before the year of the Rooster begins.

Vietnamese New Year is called Tet and coincides with the Chinese New Year.

In Sri Lanka and some southern Indian States, the Tamil New Year – Puthandu – happens on April 14th, but most Ski Lankans help celebrate Aluth Avurudda – the end of the harvest – opening their front doors to encourage visits by family, friends, and even strangers.

While Hindus celebrate the Diwali festival of lights, Sheiks and Jains all round the world on October 30th, for Marwari and Gujarati communities in North India; it marks the start of their new year

Within the Jewish religion, October 2nd see the start of Rosh Hashanah – a two-day celebration commemorating the end of the “seven days of Creation” . In the days following the creation of the universe, God was said to be determining the fate of mankind, so through quiet observance, it gives him time to contemplate their fate for the upcoming year.

In Islam, October 3rd sees the start of Muharram, the first month of the Muslim Calendar.  According to the Muslim Calendar each day begins at sunset, with the New Year itself ushered by the first sighting of the moon.

Thailand and Cambodia celebrate New Year around April 13th, at the end of the harvest season. In Thailand, it is known as the water festival where people take part in a countrywide water fight that is thought to help you cleanse your sins going into the New Year.

Whatever you are celebrating this month, we wish you all a Happy Holiday!

The Kaya team