Top 3 International Business and Social Enterprise Programs for Travel in 2021

Are you interested in gaining relevant experience in fields such as International Business, Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprise, Microfinance and more? Does traveling “off-the-beaten-path,” learning more about the world and gaining perspective excite you? We’ve compiled a list of our top 3 programs in Business to help you as you fulfill your dreams!

Travel in 2021 - Thailand

Study Abroad & Intern or Volunteer in Thailand

We have two amazing NGO Development Internships located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Both will provide you with insight into global development issues and NGO operations in an international context.

On our LGBTQ+ NGO Development placement, help promote local initiatives through advocacy and education. The aim of the NGO is to foster acceptance, encourage safe-sex practices, and reduce teenage pregnancy in the process. Rights and safe-sex messages are important to the organization and activities include HIV/AIDS outreach, education, treatment and prevention as well as advocacy.

Our second placement involves NGOs that tackle a wide variety of initiatives ranging from care for the elderly to children’s rights. Gain insight into the workings of an NGO in the context of Thai culture and learn about some of the key tasks and challenges facing NGOs in Chiang Mai. Additionally, you will gain insight into the role of funding and help with research, report preparation and online and social media marketing!

But wait! Interested in combining your internship with a study abroad opportunity in the field of Business? Want to extend your trip another four weeks? We’re offering Thai Culture & Business classes at a well-regarded Thai university in Bangkok. This means you could earn up to 6 study abroad credits towards your major in addition to your internship hours!

So are you ready to gain business experience in an international context?

Travel in 2021 - Cloud Forest

Sustainable Economic and Community Development in Ecuador

Looking to gain experience for your resume? Interested in learning more from communities abroad, and expanding your horizons?

Travel to a small, rural area about two hours outside of Quito and help support around 50 families in their fight to preserve their values, cultural identity, and the environment as they build sustainable livelihoods for themselves. Gain hands-on experience in Sustainable Economic Development and learn about the innovative ways in which this community supports themselves while working in harmony with their natural surroundings! Volunteers benefit from experiencing the challenges this community faces as they try to adhere to sustainable economic approaches.

Ready for rewarding work, hikes through the cloud forest, and a sense of community?

Travel in 2021 - Eswatini

Microfinance and Social Enterprise in Eswatini

Social enterprises and small businesses are vital to the growth of the local economy in Eswatini, and interns can take part. Gain experience in microloans, microfinance and entrepreneurship in an international setting and in a new context.

Help design a workshop on marketing and a variety of other educational sessions. Develop an evaluation system to award new microloans and help awardees advance in their business endeavors. You’ll be working at a high level, so you’ll need some existing education or experience. But this project allows you to put your skills to work and make a real difference while adding to your resume.

Ready to explore the world?


Want More Than the Top 3?

Well what about Fair Trade in the Mindo Valley? International Development and Fundraising in Eswatini?

And we’ve put together a full list of program options for 2021 here. As you’ll see, there are a range of internships and service-learning placements available in the world of International Business. But don’t forget that our Placement Advisors are standing by, so if you feel overwhelmed by travel in 2021, have no fear!

And if you would like to know more about our Covid-19 safety protocols, you can also find out more here.

We can’t wait to see you out there in the big, wide world!

Travel in 2021 - Business in Ghana
Hope you found this blog interesting. To hear more about the projects that we offer please connect with one of our advisors using the chat now button, or feel free to request a brochure using the button opposite.


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