Top Winter Break and January Programs for 2021-22

If you’re looking for a different way to spend your winter break, Christmas, the holidays or J-term, why not consider traveling, interning and volunteering responsibly on a Kaya program? By participating in a sustainable initiative this winter, you can give yourself the gift of experience. So read on to learn more about our available programs, and find one that’s right for you!

Programs for Winter Break, Christmas and the Holidays

We’ve compiled an exciting list of winter break programs for those of you interested in alternative ways to celebrate the end of the year! So if you’re on the fence about how to spend your break, why not explore your options?

Here at Kaya, we believe there’s no better way to celebrate than to form new connections. While you’re having the time of your life this winter break, you can make a difference by joining initiatives that support sustainable development. Meanwhile, you can get to know locals on a new level and experience more of our amazing world.

So no matter why you want to experience the world abroad, you can get involved in sustainable development initiatives on exciting programs this winter break – in fields like NGO development, healthcare and wildlife conservation. What, specifically, can you get involved in? Well, read on!

Wildlife Science and Conservation in Belize

This winter break, why not join a wildlife conservation program on a thousand-acre sanctuary in Belize? As part of the Maya Forest Corridor, this sanctuary helps support a dazzling array of biodiversity. In Belize, you’ll experience the wonder of a place that sustains 325+ species of birds, 5 species of wild cat, and endangered mammals like the black howler monkey and Baird’s tapir. What Can You Do? Work with local teams and help conserve vital habitat. Get engaged with the community, help with environmental education, contribute to research, and learn about sustainable management practices!

Learn more about this winter break program here.

Winter Break Program in Belize

NGO Development, Human Rights and Healthcare Programs in Morocco

Our winter break programs in history-filled, colorful Rabat, Morocco are as exciting as they are diverse! Despite Morocco’s economic progress, many people here struggle with poverty, illiteracy and high unemployment. And refugees, migrants, women and children face additional challenges due to economic, social and cultural pressures. As a result, our local partners in Morocco work to support sustainable social and community development efforts, and you can get involved. What Can You Do? Well, you can help teach English, French or Spanish to public school kids, get involved in a Human Rights and NGO Management Internship and support migrants and refugees, support women’s empowerment and assist with childcare, or work in healthcare or journalism!

Check out a full list of Morocco programs available this winter break.

Winter Break Program in Morocco

Volunteer with the Big 5 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

This winter break, why not join a wildlife conservation program and see the Big 5 on a huge game reserve on the Eastern Cape of South Africa? The Big 5 are called the Big 5 because game hunters prize them as trophies, but now, the name of the game is conservation. Contribute to conservation initiatives that directly impact lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and cape buffalo, and experience these animals for yourself. This game reserve is also home to a predator educational and rehab center that houses and cares for endangered and orphaned predators like Bengal tigers, wild dogs, white lions and more. What Can You Do? In general, you’ll help out and learn from conservationists. Specifically, you can engage in activities like tracking and monitoring lions, patrolling trails and fences, helping with game counts and capture, and managing the ecosystem with the removal of invasive plants.

Learn more about this winter break program here.

Winter Break Program in South Africa

Community Volunteering at Christmas in Zambia

This winter break, why not travel to Livingstone, Zambia, a historic city and the capital of the Southern Province, and help support locally-led community development initiatives? Children on holiday break could use structured, fun activities to help them excel! Community-members in general could use your support, and there’s a lot to explore in the culture and landscape of Zambia. What Can You Do? Specifically, you can help our local partners improve the lives of local children through educational support and fun play activities. Meanwhile, in the afternoons, you can support adults through farming initiatives, a literacy club, and more!

Learn more about this winter break program here.

Christmas Break Volunteering in Zambia

Wildlife Conservation Programs in Zimbabwe

Looking for an iconic African wildlife experience on a program this winter break? Zimbabwe contains an amazingly dense population of wildlife, and although it is protected, much of it is still at risk. Over 200,000 lions used to roam Africa, but now, conservationists estimate that only 22,000 remain. Furthermore, animal-wildlife conflict still remains a real issue. If you want to learn from local conservation experts excited to share their knowledge, this is the winter break program for you. What Can You Do? Care for orphaned animals at a wildlife sanctuary or learn from some of the world’s leading ecologists on our lion conservation projects.

Also, check out our blog on Volunteering for Wildlife in Zimbabwe to learn more!

Winter Break Volunteering in Zimbabwe

Programs for January and J-Term

With rolling start dates, all of the Winter Break Programs we’ve listed above are also available in January! But we are also offering a special online program that you may wish to consider.

Online Alternative Winter Break in Ecuador

This January, you can explore the culture of Ecuador online, connect with locals, and work on a sustainable development project! As Quito expands and pollution increases, and as the Covid-19 pandemic takes its toll on food security, growing food has become a vital skill. While you’re at home this winter break or J-term, you can help design teaching materials for local Ecuadorian schools so they can educate children on food security. Alternatively, you can choose to focus on NGO management and human rights advocacy, helping to support vulnerable groups in Quito such as immigrants and the LGBTQ+ community. On this project, you can help with marketing, research, strategy and/or communications – all from home!

Learn more about our virtual j-term option here!

Alternative Winter Break in Ecuador

To learn more about the projects that we offer, please connect with one of our advisors by using the chat now button. Or feel free to request a brochure using the button opposite! Thank you!


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