Update with a Project Beneficiary in India

Meera Ji, who is sitting in the middle of the photo, is 31 and is a participant on the project where she learns English. Although she had wanted to learn English as a child like most girls in rural areas of India she was not able to and also married at an early age. Meera Ji was unable to receive an education due to family and societal commitments, however, after the deterioration of her family’s living conditions she realised how important it was for her to gain an education.

Three years ago Meera Ji first came to the project and has been a regular student ever since now she says: “I can help my children in their studies today and can track their performance at school. I have started reading English newspapers too”. Meera Ji’s improvement is a testament to her commitment to education and something, which she has passed onto her children.

Kaya's project beneficiary in India with her family