Volunteer in the USA in 2021

If you want to adventure close to home, consider volunteering in the USA! Ready for a three-week expedition in fall 2021 that combines volunteering, camping, community, and a list of exciting outdoor activities?

Volunteering and Historical Preservation

Volunteering in the USA in 2021 – California Ghost Town Circuit

Since Covid-19 may still be a limiting factor this fall, we’ve put together a program that won’t leave you wanting. This is the perfect option for students, gappers or explorers in the USA who are looking for an adventure closer to home! Of course, we would welcome international travelers, and we can work with you as you undergo Covid-19 PCR testing and other relevant requirements.

So let’s discuss the two main components of the program: Volunteering and Adventuring!


Volunteer with a group (a pod!), familiarize yourself with the historical significance of the area, and work on preservation initiatives led by local experts. Help preserve America’s historical and cultural resources for generations to come!

Walk down the deserted streets of Bodie, a town that once hosted nearly 10,000 people eager to strike gold, and imagine the past! Bodie was named after Waterman S. Body who discovered a small amount of gold in the hills. And eventually, it was established as a mining town by the Standard Company in the 1800’s. Although only a small part of the town has survived, hundreds of buildings remain, including a number of houses that look and feel almost as they did during the Gold Rush. You can help preserve what remains while learning all about this period in American history.

This incredible town needs your help, and while you help, you’ll build valuable skills in preservation and restoration.

Volunteering in the USA


We’ll provide the tents, the facilities, and a great cook to feed you, but after each worthwhile week of projects accomplished and experience gained, you’ll be itching for an adventure! So each weekend, we’ll set off on an expedition so we can explore the best of California’s great outdoors.

Have you always wanted to see Lake Tahoe and Yosemite? We can’t wait either! In Lake Tahoe, outdoor activities will include an electric bike tour, stand-up paddling or kayaking, and a sunset cruise. In Yosemite Park, we’ll go horseback riding, rafting down the Merced River from Curry Village, and more!

No matter what, we’ll have a great time as a group and make some friends and memories.

Apply Soon!

This action-packed program will run from September 11 through October 2, 2021, so get your applications ready and your bags packed! Apply early, before the June 11 due date, because space is limited. And remember, our Advisors are standing by if you have any questions.

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Volunteer in the USA in 2021

If you want to adventure close to home, consider volunteering in the USA! Ready for a three-week expedition in fall 2021 that combines volunteering, camping, community, and a list of exciting outdoor activities?Volunteering in the USA in 2021 - California Ghost Town...

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