Volunteer like Harry and Meghan in Morocco

This week has seen Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Morocco in order to highlight education and women’s rights in the country. As the Duke and Dutchess touch down in Rabat, we look at the work they are highlighting and why it is important to the people of Morocco.

Visiting a school in Rabat, the Duke and Dutchess spoke to students and teachers in order to highlight the work that is being done to improve the education of young girls. Universal education opportunities for women is a cause close to Meghan’s heart and one which is bringing about change in Morocco. Although 51% of the population in Morocco is female, the country still has inequality between the sexes.

If you want to follow in Royal footsteps we have a great range of projects looking for volunteers.

Our women’s empowerment project offers an insight into a legal system in the MENA region where women have historically had ‘limited power’. High illiteracy levels are one of the biggest challenges for women hoping to achieve financial security but this project works to support women through education and training. There are a number of roles available on this project depending on your skills and interests and is a great choice for those particularly wanting to working with an NGO.

If you have a passion for languages, our teaching project is a great way to share your knowledge while improving the education of the local children. With opportunities for teaching English, Spanish, and French this is perfect for anyone looking to go into teaching or for those already with some experience. With overcrowded classes and language education needing improvement, volunteers who choose this project are hugely appreciated and make a real difference.