Volunteering in A HIV/AIDS Orphanage in Antelope Park in Zimbabwe

Britta Carr volunteered for three weeks on the Care for HIV/AIDS Orphanage in Antelope Park in Zimbabwe with Kaya and is a Family Studies and Human Services major at Kansas State University. Britta also has over six years of experience working as a child care provider, nanny and recreational coach!

Unfortunately because of the cost of school fees many of the orphans are not able to go to school which is why volunteer help is needed and appreciated. Britta said the following about her experience of volunteering at the orphanage:

“Visiting the orphanage was by far my highlight of the trip.  I don’t know who enjoyed the colouring, soccer, stickers, play dough or hugs more – me or the kids!  They truly just wanted to be loved and have someone to show them individual attention.  I got to spend most of my time there with 8 little ones ages 4-6.  Their laughs brought so much joy to my day.  It was also the day that brought so much realness to the term orphan.  These kids were lovable, kind and had the sweetest little hearts.  I loved my time there and cherish all the memories I made.”