Shell-ebrate World Animal Day by working with Turtles!

Let’s talk turtles!

Despite being one of the oldest reptile groups in the world known to date back over two hundred million years!. Many species of turtles face endangerment and extinction. Like most endangered animals, this is due to a loss of habitat, poaching, and the illegal pet trade.

Luckily, there are some incredible people in the world who work hard to try and ensure a future for these incredible animals. And you can be one of them! All you need to do is join one of our projects in Costa Rica, Ecuador, or Sri Lanka!

Costa Rica

Our Costa Rica project aims to protect female sea turtles against poachers and natural predators by protecting important nesting sites. The project shares their findings to educate the local residents and authorities in the hopes of raising awareness. This project is great for Under 18 and is one of our most popular locations for first-time volunteers!


In Ecuador, you can help to create sustainable conservation efforts through scientific research. It focuses on the critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle, alongside the Green Turtle and Olive Ridley breeds. This project provides vital data to the government to develop policies and educates children in local schools. The project relies on volunteers in order to maintain reliable data and is a great opportunity for those wanting to practice their Spanish!

Sri Lanka

Our project in Sri Lanka is operated by a small number of dedicated staff members and can always use an extra pair of hands! Again protecting the breeding grounds is of huge importance as is monitoring turtle activities in the Indian Ocean in an attempt to learn more about turtle behaviors. You can read a testimonial from one of our participants who joined our turtle conservation project in Sri Lanka here.

If you are an animal lover, these projects are a great way to get up close and personal with endangered turtles and make a positive difference to their future!