World Animal Day : Gibbons

With World Animal day coming up, this week.

We wanted to bring you a collection of blogs highlighting one of the amazing wildlife initiatives we work with.

Today we look at gibbons!



Unfortunately, gibbons are one of the world’s most threatened primates. A large part of this is due to deforestation and being captured to be kept as pets, used as tourist attractions, and killed for traditional medicine practices.

Like most animals,  it is impossible for gibbons to return to the wild once they have been exposed to humans and in most cases, this means they will live out the rest of their lives in sanctuaries. Our project in Thailand works to provide the best lives possible to these incredible creatures who have been mistreated.

The project is located in rural Thailand near Mae Sot. There are rescues and rehouses for the gibbons. This allows for volunteers to have a unique interaction with these charismatic animals.

The sanctuary houses a variety of gibbon species alongside macaque monkeys, jackals, a bear, and even a bearcat making it a must for animal lovers!

To make an impact and have an amazing adventure with these cheeky monkeys check out our gibbon project here.