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5 Reasons to Volunteer Abroad in Eswatini for Under 18s and First Time Travellers

When discussing volunteer abroad or internship placements, the Kaya team are often asked why under 18 and first time travellers should choose Eswatini, especially as many have never heard of it or know anything about it. Here is an introduction to Eswatini and 5 reasons why it is such as a great...

Community participation in Volunteering Abroad placements in St Lucia

One of the ethical issues that is at the forefront of peoples minds is the community involvement in volunteering abroad placements and this is clearly in the Community Health and Home Based Care and HIV/AIDs Education and Orphan Care in St Lucia, South Africa. Community members are involved in the...

A closer look at the local setting of your Early Years Internship in Cape Town

If you are studying early years or childhood development at university of college then you will be interested to take a closer look at the local setting of the early years internship in Cape Town, South Africa.  And so you should be, because not only are the projects on the internship set amongst...

Working with local project staff in Cape Town

At Kaya we value working with local projects and staff in country, as it ensures that income goes to the communities and that our volunteer and interns have access to invaluable local knowledge and experience. Local project team members understand the needs for the projects, the concerns facing...

Urban greening while developing your CV/resume on an internship with Kaya

If you are considering an internship through our reforestation project you will meet and work alongside Madibu, the gardener responsible for running the urban nursery in Cape Town, South Africa. Our placements with this project include the opportunity for interns to participate in their nursery...

How To Be A Responsible Traveller – Kaya Tip 2, Sustainability & Your Smartphone

We are a generation that loves our phones, and it is easy to have everything we need in the palm of our hand so why not use this to help you to become a more responsible traveller? You can check the weather, book a flight, find a hotel and text our friends that we are leaving for a trip, all in a...

Kaya’s MD Attends The Forum On Education Abroad

Last week, Kaya’s MD Heilwig Jones attended the Forum on International Education conference in Atlanta Georgia. This annual event brings together international education professionals from around the USA to participate in workshops and sessions looking at trends and best practices in study,...

How To Be A Responsible Traveller – Kaya Tip 1, Plastic Pollution

My awareness of the impact of plastic pollution has risen dramatically as I have travelled. In India my jaw dropped when a middle class, well-educated family threw orange juice cartons out of the window as we travelled on the famous Toy Train from Pathankot to Mcleod Gang, a route known for its...
Staff Member Image Jackie Wall Projects Director

Travel tip

Support street children by donating to reputable local NGOs focused on long term solutions rather than quick fixes such as buying meals or giving out money.
Staff Member Image Ariel Stickles Group Programs Coordinator

Travel tip

Do it locally! While onsite make sure to buy locally sourced products and support the community. Use local tour guides, visit local shops and shy away from anything imported.
Staff Member Image Heilwig jones Managing Director

Travel tip

Pack an insulated water bottle! It is cheaper to buy a big bottle and top up yours, it reduces waste from lots of small bottles and keeps your water cooler!