Become a remote intern to discover North Africa’s vibrant and diverse culture in the souks, medinas and riads of Morocco.


Remote Internships in Morocco

Morocco is located in Northern Africa and is unique amongst African nations because of its range of landscapes including its mountain interior, inland deserts and shared coastlines with both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The Kingdom of Morocco is home to a diverse range of cultures with a combination of Arab, Berber, European and African influences. It is considered the most westernized country in North Africa.

Despite Morocco’s economic progress, disparities between rich and poor are dramatic. The country continues to suffer from poverty, illiteracy and high unemployment.

Domestic violence is not specifically criminalized and there is no protection for the victims. The law is gender discriminatory favoring the men in many aspects. Child domestic workers continue to be an issue despite the prohibition of child workers below the age of 15. In addition, Morocco has issues with freedom of speech and human rights activists work to maintain a right of expression under international law. Morocco is now home to many social enterprises focusing on communities’ social-economic empowerment.

Most of our projects are located in the Capital of Rabat, but a handful work with remote communities to help them fight poverty, unemployment and get villages connected in the digital age.

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Briannah’s Remote Internship Experience
I had fun talking with my online chat buddy about our cultural differences and I have learned a lot of things that I didn't expect to gain. ...
Briannah R.
Juliana’s Remote Internship Experience
The virtual internship as a whole was an entirely new experience to me, so I loved every single aspect of it. If I had to choose, I would probably highlight just how much my French improved. ...
Juliana D.
Micaela’s Remote Internship Experience
If you’re someone who wants to keep busy and expand your horizons but want to remain close to home or aren’t comfortable with traveling during this time of pandemic, then a virtual internship is the perfect opportunity for you! ...
Micaela A.

Project examples for Morocco

Expand on your editing and writing skills working with a local news agency reporting on Moroccan and MENA region news in English.

Support a local NGO fighting for women’s empowerment with their project development needs and fundraising to increase digital literacy in remote communities.

Help develop the curriculum for the online education of a Migrants and Refugees Program and gain some teaching experience abroad while being home.

Fields available for Remote Internships in Morocco include:

  • Advertising
  • Communication and Website content Building
  • Editing
  • Education & Curriculum Development
  • English writing and doing research
  • Filling Project Application
  • Graphic Design
  • Grant Writing
  • Journalism and Media Writing
  • LGBTQ+ Rights
  • Marketing
  • NGO support
  • Project Development
  • Public Health
  • Social Media Management and Community engagement
  • Story Writing
  • Translation French-English
  • Video Making

With many other custom placements available.  Contact a Kaya placement advisor now to find out what projects in Morocco can use your skills and interests.


Spring 2022 Session Date
Start date: 
January 20, 2022
End date: 
April 22, 2022
Application deadline: January 6, 2022

Fall 2022 Session Date
Start date:
September 1, 2022
End date:
December 2, 2022
Application deadline: August 15th, 2022

Program fees: US $1285 (UK £1090)

What does a Kaya Remote Internship in Morocco include?

  • Advising support from Kaya every step of the way from the application process throughout your program
  • Individual internship placement matched based on your interests and career goals (internships range from 15-30 hours per week and 5-12h per week in Fall to accommodate schedules)
  • Orientation to your host organization and placement
  • Cultural Orientation with your Country Site Director
  • Placement Guide outlining details of your host organization and goals of your placement
  • Donations to support the work of your project
  • Weekly “face to face” check-in and feedback session with your Project Supervisor
  • Weekly “face to face” check-in and reflection session with your Country Site Director
  • Weekly Cultural workshops with Country Director to attend live or watch the recording when it is convenient for you (1-2 hours/workshop)
  • Local buddy for weekly cultural exchange with prompts to facilitate discussion
  • Discussion forum to connect you with other interns
  • A toolkit to understand your work style and learn to bridge cultural differences through interactive culture guides
  • Certificate of completion
  • Support pursuing home university credit, where available.
  • Invitation to Kaya LinkedIn Alumni Group
  • Reentry toolkit to guide your future career steps!
  • Future program discount of US$200/ GB£150 to visit your host country in the future

Optional Add-ons (not included)

  • Language classes: French or Arabic
    – $55 2 hours/week
    – $100 4 hours/week
  • Academic coursework with credit through our university partner.

Morocco Country Director

Your support staff on your Morocco remote internship

Ali Bensebba is the program founder and director. Ali has lived all of his life in Rabat and did his studies in Morocco as well as the US as a Fulbright Scholar. He speaks five languages and holds a Phd in Business Communication from Moulay Ismail University in Meknes. He is extremely open to different cultures and spends most of his time introducing students, interns, and volunteers to Morocco’s vibrant cultures.

Application Process and Payment Schedule


Speak to a Kaya placement advisor for more information on available placements in your subject area, and the type of work you are interested in. Click here to email us.



Complete an Application 

and submit your resume/CV with a $45/ £40 deposit, for us to match you with best project options. Deposits are deducted from the total tuition fee and will be refunded if we can’t find you a placement.


Confirm your chosen project with a Kaya advisor, then pay your balance to accept and book your placement.





What are the requirements to do a Kaya Remote Internship?

Our program is open to all.

Instruction is in English, so there are NO foreign language requirements, but we do have opportunities if you are looking to improve your Arabic or French language skills.

All you will need is access to a laptop, internet connection for video calls and an interest in cultural learning.

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