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Benefits of Faculty-Led Programs (and Using a Provider)

International Education week – Focus on Faculty-led group programs

In Education Abroad, the faculty-led group program continues to grow in popularity, making it possible for even more students to participate in an international experience. At Kaya we work with Academic institutions all over the US and the UK to run some amazing group programs for academic credit – some focussed on service learning but many more focussed on specific academic areas.. For International education week, we wanted to share some of those great benefits.

Faculty-led group in Belize
1. A great first experience abroad

Group programs, accompanied by faculty, are a great way to get your first study-abroad experience. Being short-term, they allow even students with heavy workloads to fit it into their schedules. The accompanying faculty offers a level of security and support that is reassuring to nervous travellers (and parents!) and travelling to less-traditional destinations as we do, there are great low-cost programs that makes open to more students than ever before.

Faculty-led group abroad
2. Brings the classroom to life

Through curriculum integration, faculty can really bring their subjects to life and take learning to the next level. Linking what is taught at the home campus with experiential learning in the host country offers students the chance to to put what we learn into action. Whether the topic is business, looking at microfinance, marketing or fair trade; entomology, studying the insects that are indicators of environmental health; or public health, understanding the challenges of sanitation and health education in particular locations – the information means so much more when you learn in context. Kaya’s experiential approach combines cultural immersion with academic immersion for maximum impact.

Faculty-led group overlooking landscape in Belize
3. Builds a generation of global citizens

In our global world, exposure to what happens outside the comfort of our home countries is a necessity for success personally, in our careers and for our society. Kaya’s immersive programs increase awareness about global issues and create more passionate and informed global citizens in our students and faculty. By opening the eyes of every participant to a new part of the world, a new way of life, and a new perspective, the experience is invaluable for our future.

NGO volunteer meeting with locals
4. Customization and safety – all sorted!

The benefit of working with provider organisation like Kaya for faculty-led programs, is that we deal with all the logistics, planning, health and safety and liability! This allows faculty and students to focus on their immersive and educational program, because they won’t have to worry about the logistics of their time abroad. We customize every program to meet the requirements for credit and incorporate the faculty’s vision for their class to focus on an area of specialization, such as nursing. In addition, at pre-departure and on site with our local teams, we share the extensive knowledge we have our our locations so every student and faculty member can feel more prepared while living abroad. For the team at the international office, it also eases the pressure, with our teams on the ground, it is easier to support students and their faculty. It’s the best of both worlds!

5. Potential for cross-discipline programs

One of the really great opportunities for group programs is the ability to combine a number of related academic areas and get them working together in the same area. Whether it is a health cohort combining a group of nurses, physical therapists, public health majors and kinesiologists participating in a health project in Zambia, or Spanish, Latin American studies, anthropologists, hospitality and agriculture students in an agro-tourism in Ecuador, a group program can bring all these skills together for an impactful experience.

The benefits of faculty-led group programs for students, faculty and universities go far beyond just this list! If your school is already working with Kaya’s group programs, we look forward to seeing you in 2017. If not, what are you waiting for – challenge us to bring your classroom to the world!

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