Volunteer in Tanzania, enjoy its contrasting and colourful landscapes, and be welcomed with a smile by the Tanzanian locals. See turquoise waters of the Indian ocean, wander along stunning white sandy beaches of Zanzibar and become immersed in the tribal culture in the tranquil coastal villages.

Volunteer in Tanzania

We have volunteer projects based on the paradisiacal archipelago of Zanzibar or near the fantastic Mount Kilimanjaro. If you want to contribute to community projects, the Teaching and community project in the Zanzibar community, located right on the shore, could be ideal for you. Another great option is our Dolphin project for those who are drawn to the various wonders of marine life. Or if you would rather stay on the mainland, join our volunteer teaching placement and provide valuable language skills to empower communities in Moshi.

Although rich in beauty and interesting culture, unfortunately the majority of people in Tanzania are living in poverty. Advances in the provision of and access to health care, education, and opportunities for girls in particular, are needed.  That’s why volunteering on one of our projects will continue vital support for ongoing initiatives which tackle these pressing issues.

For those of you volunteering in Moshi, at the weekend, go on the popular Kahawa Shamba coffee tour, and immerse yourself in Tanzania culture by gaining an insight into the daily lives of the coffee farmers and how the beans are grown, picked and roasted. Or step back in time at the Kolo-Kondoa Rock art sites, a series of ancient caves carved into the hillside. Alternatively, if you are working on the island of Zanzibar, at the weekend go on a Kawa cycle tour to the island’s interesting spice plantations. Tanzanian cuisine is an interesting fusion of Indian, Middle Eastern and local African ingredients. Why not try Ugali, their authentic maize-based national dish.

Add on an extra week or two to your trip and attempt the rocky trails of the highest peak in the African continent, the incredible Mount Kilimanjaro. Once you have overcome the challenge of climbing to the summit, take in the view of the wonderful wild plains. For those based at the coast, why not extend your trip and travel to the mainland to explore the natural beauty and plains of Serengeti National Park, home to four globally threatened animal species. If you are based in Moshi, fly to the glorious and laid back Zanzibar island to relax on its fantastic beaches.

Join us at Kaya on our intern and volunteer in Tanzania projects, whichever project you choose, you will be doing hands-on work where you will certainly see the impact on the local communities and how much of a difference you can make in this enchanting place.


Here are some important facts about Tanzania:

  • Population 51,045,882 July 2015 estimate
  • Language – Kiswahili or Swahili (official), Kiunguja (name for Swahili in Zanzibar), English (official, primary language of commerce, administration, and higher education), Arabic (widely spoken in Zanzibar), many local languages
  • Religion – mainland – Christian 30%, Muslim 35%, indigenous beliefs 35%; Zanzibar – more than 99% Muslim
  • Currency – Tanzanian Shilling (TZS)
  • Climate – varies from tropical along coast to temperate in highlands

Source: www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook

Teaching and Community Volunteer Work in Zanzibar

Volunteer in Tanzania on a teaching and community work project based on the island of Zanzibar, located just off Africa's Tanzanian coast.

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Dolphin and Marine Conservation in Zanzibar

Volunteer on a Dolphin and Marine Conservation project on the island of Zanzibar and help preserve the habitats by monitoring tourist and wildlife interaction.

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