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Videos from Volunteer & Intern Abroad in Asia, Africa & Latin America

Informational Webinar Videos

Gap Year Exploration – How joining an internship during your gap year can influence your future path

Gap Year Exploration – How to plan an international gap year in 202

Study Abroad Day 2021 – Why Thailand should be your top destination for study, internship and study abroad in 2021

Internships in Global Studies, International Development and Human Rights

Internships in Health and Social Sciences

Internships in Business Development, Social Enterprise and Communications.

Internships in Environmental Sustainability and Animal Sciences

Internships in Education and Social Work.

Virtual internships in Asia, Africa, and Latin America

Latin America Volunteer Videos


ECUADOR | Visit the middle of the world

BOLIVIA | A taste of Bolivian life

PERU | Volunteer and Intern in the peruvian rainforest (Manu Biospehere)

BELIZE | Biology program – Great Falls University

ECUADOR | An introduction to volunteering

PERU | Experience the land of the Incas

COSTA RICA | Volunteering for under 18’s

ECUADOR | Sustainable Economic and Community Development in Ecuador

PERU | Volunteer for the environment

Africa volunteer Videos

SOUTH AFRICA | Community projects in Cape Town

SOUTH AFRICA | Wildlife Photography & Conservation

TANZANIA | Teaching & Community volunteer work in Zanzibar

SOUTH AFRICA | A look at a Community Project in St Lucia Community

SOUTH AFRICA | Healthcare Teaching & Community Support Project

TANZANIA | Dolphin & Marine conservation volunteer project

ZAMBIA | Community support volunteer project in Livingstone

GHANA | What is it like to Volunteer in Ghana?

SWAZILAND | Family sports in Swaziland

KENYA | Masai Mara Lion, Wildlife Research adn Conservation volunteer project

ZIMBABWE | Lion Breeding, rehabilitation & release volunteer project

KENYA | Hear from a volunteer on the Masai Mara Wildlife Research & Conservation volunteer project

SOUTH AFRICA | Big 5 in Port Elizabeth and PreVet internship

Asia-Pacific volunteer Videos

INDIA | A look at community volunteer projects in India

INDIA | the Indian experience program

PHILIPPINES| Nutrition Volunteer project

PHILIPPINES | Home building volunteer project in the Philippines