Videos from our Volunteer abroad and Intern abroad locations in Asia, Africa and Latin America. 

Latin America Volunteer Videos


ECUADOR | Visit the middle of the world

BOLIVIA | A taste of Bolivian life

PERU | Volunteer and Intern in the peruvian rainforest (Manu Biospehere)

BELIZE | Biology program – Great Falls University

ECUADOR | An introduction to volunteering

PERU | Experience the land of the Incas

COSTA RICA | Volunteering for under 18’s

ECUADOR | Sustainable Economic and Community Development in Ecuador

PERU | Volunteer for the environment

Africa volunteer Videos

SOUTH AFRICA | Community projects in Cape Town

SOUTH AFRICA | Wildlife Photography & Conservation

TANZANIA | Teaching & Community volunteer work in Zanzibar

SOUTH AFRICA | A look at a Community Project in St Lucia Community

SOUTH AFRICA | Healthcare Teaching & Community Support Project

TANZANIA | Dolphin & Marine conservation volunteer project

ZAMBIA | Community support volunteer project in Livingstone

GHANA | What is it like to Volunteer in Ghana?

SWAZILAND | Family sports in Swaziland

KENYA | Masai Mara Lion, Wildlife Research adn Conservation volunteer project

ZIMBABWE | Lion Breeding, rehabilitation & release volunteer project

KENYA | Hear from a volunteer on the Masai Mara Wildlife Research & Conservation volunteer project

SOUTH AFRICA | Big 5 in Port Elizabeth and PreVet internship

Asia-Pacific volunteer Videos

INDIA | A look at community volunteer projects in India

INDIA | the Indian experience program

PHILIPPINES| Nutrition Volunteer project

PHILIPPINES | Home building volunteer project in the Philippines